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Giclée Art Prints

Giclée Art Prints

Exclusive, limited, signed and numbered giclée prints for art collectors.


Free Coffee

FREE COFFEE Mr. Esgar wants to provide you a pleasant visit to this website. Feel free to accept complimentary coffee and cookies. Spread the word, say all your friends we’re open for business!



People with a sweet tooth on the magnificent work of Esgar Acelerado valter hugo mãe I always have the idea that the characters of Esgar Acelerado bring with them a look of gluttony for things, gluttony for life with their frequently bulging appearance, with a hard and intense expression. They are a very tender collection […]


Art Shows

HISTÓRIAS DO CINEMA II July / August 2010 Biblioteca Municipal Rocha Peixoto, Póvoa de Varzim – Portugal OUTTA PLACE March 2010 Index, Porto – Portugal SOME PEOPLE CAN’T DRAW October / November 2009 Galeria Mundo Fantasma, Porto – Portugal CHAUDE ET FROID September  2009 Maison des Arts de Laval | Laval, Québec – Canada Chaud […]



STORE Keep the economy healthy – at least my economy! Go crazy, click the “Store” link on the menu, choose your favorite high quality numbered and signed giclée prints and BUY! Paypal acepted with FREE worldwide shipping. For Illustration work enquires fill the contact form or call: +351 91 890 42 59 Giclée print The term  […]