Offset print – Limited edition
Signed and numbered
Magistra Blueback Deluxe 120gr paper

Mr. Esgar’s Jukebox Poster
The Sonics, The Clash, Reigning Sound, Screaming Jay Hawkins, Tom Waits, The Stooges, Spacemen 3… 50 songs from 50 bands. Can you guess all?…
Here are 50 (and a couple more) songs that I adore. Back in 2007 I was trying to learn how to draw directly on photoshop using a wacom tablet. I was so sick of scanning my ink drawings on the old computer… As an exercice I decided to make new draw everyday while listening to a song. These 50 drawings were published, back then, as a daily contest on my Drawing Blog. Now, I’ve decided to publish all as a 50x70cm poster as a limited run of 100 copies, signed and numbered. Hope you have as much fun trying to guess all the bands on the drawings as I had drawing them.

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Mr Esgar - Jukebox - Poster