About Mr. Esgar

People with a sweet tooth
on the magnificent work of Esgar Acelerado
valter hugo mãe

I always have the idea that the characters of Esgar Acelerado bring with them a look of gluttony for things, gluttony for life with their frequently bulging appearance, with a hard and intense expression. They are a very tender collection of figures that are a miscellany of the cartoon universe with that of illustration, from the more pragmatic of the former genre to the most lyrical of the latter. I always have a sense of fun to which is added ferment sensitivity which many times lead to a tone that is also dramatic, even melancholic and hence romantic. I think that Esgar creates as if making images bloom, because of the profusion of colour that turns everything into a garden, making of what we see radiant bouquets. Creating as if making images bloom is only possible for those who know how to value delicacy, for those who have found a sensitive point from which it is reasonable to put into practice the dearly desired freedom of having fun, confessing, being awestruck and reaching perfection through pulsating expression. There is a quickening of emotions, a sense of good gluttony, a friendly energy that irradiates from the images as if there were the garden that, after all, waters and fertilizers us, the seduced spectators.

Wrestles visual artist, creating  illustrations since 1991. Writer of the weekly comic Superfuzz for BLITZ (2001 to 2005), founder of CRU Magazine, co-founder of Artvortex Ink. and mentor of Cais do Rock Festival. Owner of LowFly records and currently Arts teacher.

Published Works
Stripburger, Luke Magazine, LowFly Records, Público, Diário de Notícias, CRU Magazine, Mondo Bizarre, Expresso, Diário Económico, BLITZ, Vozes, Inútil, 365…

Art Shows
Cooperativa Árvore, FNAC, Artes em Partes, Sput&Nik, Maus Hábitos, Carbono, Plastic, Galeria Zé dos Bois, Salão de BD do Porto, Fantasporto, Festival Intercéltico, Festival de Jazz do Porto, Maison des Arts de Laval, Livraria Index, Livraria Arquivo, Biblioteca Municipal da Póvoa de Varzim, Cooperativa Filantrópica e Festival de BD da Amadora.

Private Colections
Portugal, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Holand, Japan, Germany, United Kingdom, Spain and France.